Kindra Rose



Hi, my name is Kindra. I am a mother, artist, and lover of natural wellness. In 2010, I graduated from California College of the Arts, specializing in fine art, textiles, and community outreach. Today, I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur.  

Based out of the Central Coast of California, my home is situated on a little country farm, where I find inspiration from the beauty of nature every day.  You can find me in my artist studio, experimenting with all forms of art including oil painting, block printing, and jewelry making. I am also passionate about gardening, holistic living, essential oils, and music. 

I believe in using gifts from the earth to heal the body emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A constant thread that permeates all of my work includes an intuitive relationship between color, form, line, and symbols of connectivity.  The process of making all of my work is both meditative and methodical. Each piece is unique and reflects the joy and truth of the artist's journey.