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Exploring the Intersectionality of Essential Oils, chakras, and Crystals




I use to not be such a hippie.  It all began with my introduction to essential oils about four years ago.  During that time I was a mother of a 1 year old and 2 ½ year old. My one-year-old had not slept more than 2-3 hrs at a time since birth, and my two year old suffered from severe colic for her first year.  Let’s just say I was desperate for solutions, and we were all suffering. Drugs were not a option and a sleep specialist was too expensive. Since I wanted a natural solution, I decided to turn to essential oils in a dire attempt to soothe my child.

The very first night I used lavender oil on my son, he slept through the night.  The next morning, I woke up in a daze, because I too actually slept for the first time in so long.  Instead of crying out of pure exhaustion, I found myself releasing big sloppy tears of joy! I knew in that moment that essential oils would change the course of my life.  Over the years, oils have empowered me to problem solve with family challenges at home, from ear aches to mood swings. I literally use them for everything from cooking to cleaning to making my own beauty products.  I use them to help heal “boo-boos,” and gently transition my kids to bedtime. They keep our bodies nourished and our cells healthy. And most of all, they help keep my family’s energy and well-being balanced.

Over the last several years, I have noticed that by incorporating oils into our daily routines and by being proactive, my family has coincidently avoided many doctor visits and co-pays.  This has prompted me to step back and investigate the many benefits of holistic healthcare, and alternative treatments to ailments. In today’s world of high healthcare costs and artificial drugs, millions of people are returning to nature to find relief from everyday health concerns.  While plants have been used for millennia to fight disease and to help ease pain and discomfort, individuals are just now beginning to rediscover some of the amazing health benefits of pure, natural essential oils as well as other ancient tools. Through this post, I hope to impart on you, some of the knowledge that I have gleaned over the years, as well as share how the process of unearthing the ancient knowledge of the past, can amplify our present experiences.


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I used to think all this talk of chakras was a little too “out there” for me.  Even I, someone who decided it would be a good idea to try a raw foodist diet for a streak in time, considered chakras a little to voodoo.  I love a good challenge though, and I love learning about things that have ancient origins. I am fascinated by past cultures, and the wisdom that seemed to be innate and gifted  to the next generations. Plants were medicine, food was hunted or grown, the earth and animals were valued, and protected. Synergy existed.

The chakra system is over three thousand years old with roots in several cultures.  Today, it is universally accepted. It is a great way to begin understanding the life force energy within.  The system is very complex, however, it can be a very effective system in which to work the energy. Each of these energy centers holds an energy intelligence that supports and influences specific aspects of the body - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Although each chakra is individual, each one is a part of a greater whole of a complex energetic system. Therefore, when one aspect is out of alignment, if left unattended, the result will be imbalanced in another area.

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Crystals have the ability to make you broke if you start a collection...so proceed with caution!  Crystals, which come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, are gifts from Mother Earth created by the natural energies of the planet.  Similar to essential oils, the root of using crystals as powerful tools for healing dates back thousands of years. Crystals are natural rock formations created on the surface of our planet as the plates within the earth shift and change.  Just as each of us has an energy field, our earth as well as all of her elements has an energy field too. Energy fields speak to one another. Quite basically, when working with crystals, the light and other particles that pass through them increase or magnify the frequency of all that passes.  Therefore, crystals naturally hold the ability to amplify and balance the chakras as well as enhance the positive effects and energy intelligence of essential oils. Used together, a synergistic effect between these elements offer profound healing on all levels that may not be able to be realized otherwise.  


We live in an age of  cubicles and couches. When was the last time you ran around barefoot outside, or laid on the grass to watch the clouds?  When I spend time in nature, I feel different, I feel alive!! There is a powerful flow of energy within each of us, and all around us.  This energy connects the physical body to the spiritual body. In fact, this energy is the underlying force of all things. Every one of us has the ability to work with this energy for greater physical health, happiness, and balance.  

According to Kara Hanks (spiritual master, NHD, RN, Shawman), energy patterns are processed by our consciousness and by the DNA to create our reality and physical condition of the body.  Everyone and every object are made up of energy - moving particles. Basically, moving particles will synchronize to the highest vibration available. When crystals, essential oils, and the individual’s energy field are brought together, they begin to synchronize to the highest frequency.  Therefore, creating the potential for the body to raise its frequency and its vibration above its normal frequency. A powerful, yet often subtle, synergistic process begins. The energy particles of the individual, the oil, the crystal unify resulting in a unique, personalized energy healing process that can be realized on all four aspects of our being.  Paying attention to our energy amplifies our understanding of our existence and daily lives.


No matter how bad we feel, our bodies are always working on our behalf to create health and vitality.  I challenge you to be creative in your problem solving, to ask more questions, and to meet your body halfway by acting on the messages it sends you.  Whether it’s a whisper or a roar, don’t ignore what you hear. Listen to your body. It wants the best for you. Look to mother earth for guidance. She offers up so many tools that were once known so intrinsically by our ancestors.  Healing happens in seasons. It can not be rushed or forced to fit a schedule. So often we curse the seeds that haven’t taken root, failing to realize it’s not their time. They need more water, sunlight, and care. Bullying ourselves blocks regeneration.  Also, sometimes the healing we are focused on is not the healing that is taking place. There is a much deeper healing going on. Be patient, love. You are healing.

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